My projects

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Basic homepage based on WhatColourIsIt and a few inspirational quotes.

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ETA calculador made with Java-Server Faces and primefaces.

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Android app based on hltv.org to follow csgo events and matches.

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Python script for generating and tweeting lorem ipsum quotes, daily.

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Small ETA calculador written on javascript.

About me


I've started my path on IT with a System's analysis and development course in 2014. My main language at the college was java and JSF for the web development part of the course, my college was also important to build my skills in SQL, both MySQL and SQL Server relational databases, and linux system administration.

However, I've always looked up new technologies by my own, I'm a self-taught python programmer with a few experiences in web development with both flask and django frameworks, a few small projects with javascript and PHP that was good for getting the basics of both languages and linux in general, thanks to my deeply passion about the free software philosophy and the open-source movement.

Right now I'm primarily working on my final paper about microservices architecture, but I have a side project involving game-tracking (something around what letterboxd is for movies) in spring framework mainly for training my web development skills.